Guideline check

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Target plan  PREMIUMプラン


You can check and manage the implementation status for each guideline item calculated from the response status of the Secure SketCH question.



Secure SketCH creates original security countermeasure status evaluation questions by referring to various domestic and international security guidelines.
Each question of Secure SketCH is managed by associating it with the items of the referenced security guidelines, and the function to roughly understand the implementation status of the relevant items of the security guidelines by answering the questions of Secure SketCH is realized. ..
The guidelines that Secure Sket CH supports are as follows. (As of September 2020)

  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: cyber security management guidelines Ver 2.0 (in Japanese)
  • NIST: Cyber Security Framework ver.1.1
  • CIS : CIS Controls V7.1
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: Information Security Management Standards (2016 revised version)
  • Department of Defense : CMMC
  • NIST : SP800-171



  1. Click each guideline name to see the guideline details page. For details, see Checking the implementation status for each guideline.
  2. If you move the cursor to ● in the graph, details such as categories and numerical values will be displayed.
  3. The evaluation is displayed on a 5-point scale from S to D.
    Evaluation is determined by the score. The scores corresponding to each evaluation are as shown in parentheses.
    S: Very high level (80% - 100%)
    A: High level (70% - 79%)
    B: There is room for sophistication (60% - 69%)
    C: Weakness reinforcement required (50% - 59%)
    D: Basic measures required (0% - 49%)